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Why Zest? 

We have been busy over the past 10 years researching and analysing the best environments for bees, how we can support the bee population and support a sustainable future.  The ZEST hive was born, yet we continue to learn and we continue to adapt based on the research we undertake.  We have shared with you here two documents, the Varroa extinction survival diagram and the data logging hives comparison which continues to develop. 


The Varroa extinction/survival diagram

This document considers the possible reasons for why the ZEST hive is functionally Varroa free. 


Data logging hives comparison

We took data from the hives to understand the temperature and humidity.  You will see that in the ZEST hive the temperature is regulated and therefore supports the bees health

The benefits of the ZEST system

There are many benefits to the ZEST hive and the patented frame system that compliments the design. 

Firstly it is easy to put together and is much cheaper than alternative systems.  The ZEST hive has been designed to have the least amount of maintenance and is valued by its users that have been able to compare this with other systems. 

Due to it's design it ensures that the bees are able to regulate their own temperature more easily, this in turn makes for happier bees, they are slower to swarm and ultimately disease resistant as we know that alternative hives design develop these disease more easily.  The design of the ZEST hive also ensures a robustness that many other designs simple can not offer and with recent changes in the weather and bigger storms, the ZEST hive will keep the bees safe all year around.  The frame system has been designed so you have no need for fiddly and costly starter strips with a design that is long lasting.

A community of beekeepers are valuing the ZEST design but also the discussions on how we can develop and support beekeeping for future generations.  Why not join them. 

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