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What is the ZEST hive?


It is said that the most important creature on the planet is the honeybee.

Man best serves the honeybee by designing a better habitation than a cave or a hole in a tree.

The cave is often too large, but the consistent temperature is right. A cavity in a tree is often too small, and the temperature varies.

A man made hive such as the ZEST is the first to fully meet honeybee needs, being adjustable in size, warm and dry, yet humid, allowing good health.

Honeybee colonies work best at about 2 mile intervals rather than all together. The ZEST hive is not suitable for migration, but it can be done


The ZEST hive is a new honeybee hive which, by its design, is conducive to good health of honeybees and the wealth of beekeepers. Unlike other hive designs it provides an internal environment that is warm, humid, dry and stable. It has an external envelope that has the right balance between thermal insulation and thermal weight. This assists the bees in their primary duty of thermo-regulating the brood nest.

It improves upon the natural bee habitation of a cave or a hole in a tree. The internal void size can be adjusted to meet the needs of the bees over the season where the colony space can be made small in winter and large in summer. Together with its top, trickle ventilation and bee entry it is better than any natural place. The bees are subsequently healthier, better tempered, slow to swarm, productive and can be almost completely “letalone” managed.

The ZEST hive by its design has proven to be functionally free of varroa, nosema and acarine.

The frames used internally can be DIY in stapled wood or a plastic lattice formed from T-bars from which the bees make their own honeycomb. They last indefinitely. The honey is simply cut out and drained down in a bag and the frame returned to the hive. No machinery is needed and yearly frame maintenance is zero.  We provide these patent protected design in our shop that will save you financially in your beekeeping journey.


"The ZEST hive really does deliver as a happy home for bees, and easy beekeeping for (lazy) beekeepers such as me.

After 10 years of trouble-free beekeeping with one ZEST hive – no swarming, no disease, no costs for hive care and repair – I have just purchased frame packs for a second ZEST hive.

The latest edition of Bill’s ZEST book in which he cites the research and practical evidence now gathered also demonstrates the bee and beekeeping benefits of the ZEST hive over traditional hive designs."

Mr A Torbet, , Malvern - ZEST Hive beekeeper


We have made it simple, follow each of the activities below to support your knowledge of ZEST hive.  You can also purchase just the frames as they are more economical than the regular alternatives. By choosing a ZEST hive not only are you supporting bee health but you are also making a saving of £ on the alternative beekeeping options.


Watch the videos available demonstrating the ZEST hive

This section shares everything you need to make your ZEST hive


Purchase the equipment you need for your ZEST hive

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