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zest hive image gallery

ZEST H.Q. at Hosey Bridge DT10 1HE

A box of 12 ZEST frames

A Queen excluder and a partition

A propolis trap

Bees recycling wax from frames dipped in it

A ZEST Principle trial for the nervous

Encase your existing B.S. National boxes and frames with insulation blocks. (The internal frames can be your existing ones or double brood depth ZEST frames.) Establish a bee entry and ventilation zone above with battens. All to be under a queen excluder with honey supers above. 

A strong ZEST colony in late May

A frame after 7 days in May

A frame after about 20 days

The internal feeder

The Remote feeder with wax comb on top

The best of both worlds.

Using your existing B.S. National boxes and frames as honey supers with B.S. queen excluder in-between.

Carrier frame replaced with wood containment battens and frame lugs to rest on walls. Bee access and vent holes drilled in walls with virgin cages inserted to control bee access and ventilation 

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