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You will need these if you wish to manage the available colony space within your ZEST through the seasons and to determine the size of the broodnest where the queen can lay.

The width of the ZEST Queen excluders is 373mm. This fits inside a British Standard National brood box width if it is made correctly and the wood has not shrunk. (The height is 450mm.)

Before purchasing these queen excluders for vertical use in 2 B.S. Brood boxes please ensure that your B.S. boxes are able to take this size.



The frame carrier frame is now omitted due to its high £35 postage cost.

They can be collected free of charge from Sturminster Newton in Dorset DT10 1HR

Some ZEST owners have already replaced it by drilling regular 20mm diameter access holes at high level through the walls to allow bees to both enter and leave and to more easily defend the hive. They can be closed if needed with wine corks. You will also need to provide a 40x20 wood batten all round to contain the ends of the frames



If you deploy your ZEST in close proximity to other hive types, bee "drift" will take place and with it the varroa they carry.

Deploy your ZEST wisely away from non ZEST hives.

4 queen excluders. (2 can be turned into end partitions)

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  • To comply with UK statutory requirements

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