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The ZEST frame allows the bees to draw out their honeycomb naturally from the lattice of T-Bar tails. This is the patentable quality of the frame. Honey is harvested by cutting out the comb and hanging it up to drain down from a mesh bag or some other way. No honey extraction equipment is need and the frames are simply returned to the hive or to winter storage. Spacing lugs are built in at top and bottom. 36 additional wide spacer lugs are included  for honey storage after the comb is first drawn out. (3 per frame)

The ZEST frame can also be used in a B.S. National double brood, 3 shallows or a 14x12 and a shallow.

You will need 2 (24 frames) boxes for use in  a ZEST.

On Request a pallet of 36 boxes of frames can be delivered direct from the manufacturer for £1500. 

The frame carrier frame is now omitted due to its high £35 postage cost.

Some ZEST owners have already replaced it by drilling regular 20mm diameter access holes at high level through the walls to allow bees to both enter and leave and to more easily defend the hive. They can be closed if needed with wine corks. You will need to provide a 40x20 wood batten all round to contain the ends of the frames



If you deploy your ZEST in close proximity to other hive types, bee "drift" from them will take place and with it the varroa they carry.

Deploy your ZEST wisely.

12 ZEST "Forever" Plastic Bee Hive Frames.

SKU: 3642153751351910.5
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