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Propolis as a medicine

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

This can be collected by beekeepers at the spring clean or in a propolis trap made for that purpose. Just because it is free and not made by Big Pharma let us not dismiss it too quickly. Claims are made that it boosts the immune system and prevent those diseases that are a consequence of a compromised immune system. That will be most of them.

If anyone can find some well documented clinical trials on propolis and its effects on human health I would be pleased to hear about them. Drugs companies investigated its possibilities back in the 70’s. Beekeepers were asked to collect it and we did. We sent it all off and eventually were asked to stop doing so. It may indeed have been effective, but as it was “found” rather than invented it could not be patented so they may have lost interest. Why wreck a billion pound industry selling such items as arthritis drugs and others that are at best palliatives.

Googling “propolis+cancer” looking for official clinical research on propolis failed to find anything, but there are anecdotal descriptions of its efficacy on “Quack” sites which are persuasive. Googling Cancer Research UK looking for propolis was also tried and failed, despite there being grants made to about 120 research posts across the country. Let beekeepers collect this bee product and dispense it to ailing friends and family if only with a daily preventative dose. It can do no harm Hippocratically and may do much good.

Propolis may be the most effective and unsung medicine on the planet. Perhaps we need to collect it and dispense it on a people power clinical trial.

Post your results here.

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